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You’ll be in good company

Flashes & Flames is an invaluable resource, providing unparalleled insight into what’s going on behind the scenes in media as well as what might be around the corner. Colin Morrison’s unique knowledge of the media landscape makes it a must-read every week.” Zillah Byng-Thorne, Chair, Trust Pilot and former CEO, Future Plc

Flashes & Flames is required reading for nyone involved in the ever-changing world of media.” Lara Boro, CEO, The Economist

Flashes & Flames is a must-read for every leader in media, information and entertainment. Colin Morrison’s deep analysis and fresh perspectives on everything happening now and next clearly stand out from all other industry coverage.” Christian Baesler, former Chief Operating Officer, BuzzFeed Inc.

“As a relative newcomer to the UK and Irish media scene (through our acquisition of Independent News & Media plc), I find the insights and colour provided week after week by Flashes & Flames are truly invaluable.” Thomas Leysen, Chair, Mediahuis NV

“Thank goodness for Flashes & Flames which has a wealth of detail and anecdote that I just don’t find elsewhere. There are hundreds of newsletters giving opinions about what the media should be doing to survive. Flashes & Flames is one of the rare ones that actually tells you the real story about what the media is doing.” David Sillito, Media & Arts Correspondent, BBC News

“I read Flashes & Flames every week because it always tells me things I didn’t know and gives me new angles, especially on deals. More than anything else, it’s a must-read because it is well-informed, well-written and a unique source of information right across the world of media.” Tim Weller, media entrenpreneur

“My favorite read of the week is Flashes & Flames. In a journalistic era when most of the ‘trades’ have disappeared, it is well researched, well written and thoughtful in its coverage of the media industry. It is a weekly read that is not to be missed by all industry executives; at a time, when memories are short, Flashes & Flames provides an invaluable perspective.” Wilma Jordan, CEO-founder, JEGI-Clarity

“Every Friday morning, I really look forward to reading the latest edition of Flashes & Flames. This is not only to get the latest M&A activity but also to get Colin’s unique insight into what is going on. Douglas Emslie, founder, Tarsus Group

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