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“Flashes & Flames is required reading for anyone involved in the ever changing world of media.”
Lara Boro, Chief Executive, The Economist Group

Flashes & Flames is by far the best content covering the media industry. Colin’s light and interesting writing style, combined with good research providing facts and figures, and the global nature of the newsletter really is unmatched. I actually look forward to Friday morning when Flashes & Flames is delivered to my inbox.”

David Nussbaum, CEO & Chairman, America’s Test Kitchen

“I always open Flashes & Flames in eager anticipation of the excellent insight that Colin Morrison brings to any of his topics.”

Denzil Rankine, Executive Chairman, AMR International 

Flashes & Flames is an invaluable resource, providing unparalleled insight into what’s going on behind the scenes in media as well as what might be around the corner. Colin Morrison’s unique knowledge of the media landscape makes it a must-read every week.”

Zillah Byng-Thorne, CEO, Future Plc

“The media landscape has changed beyond recognition in the last 10 years. Really understanding the much more complicated business models of companies is now critical to predicting future success. The analysis and commentary of Flashes & Flames is the most incisive in our industry. Colin Morrison has an uncanny knack of getting under the cover of the critical questions. He really understands the business models that can be sustainable in the future.”

Duncan Painter, CEO, Ascential Plc
“As a growing media business, Flashes & Flames is my number one, go-to source for analysis and insight into what is happening in this crazy and exciting media landscape. It’s reliable, current and inspirational – a real service to the media industry.”
Ian McAuliffe, CEO, Think Publishing Ltd

“I read Flashes & Flames every Friday to keep up-to-date with the best insights and most important developments in the media and information market. It’s delivered engagingly by Colin Morrison. He really knows his stuff.”

Don Pazour, CEO, Access Intelligence LLC

“Flashes & Flames is the most inspiring media newsletter I ever read. It’s a mix of inspiring insights and deep analysis provided by one of the real experts. It’s a must-read in our fast moving media industry.”

Arnaud de Puyfontaine, President/CEO, Vivendi SA

“Every Friday morning, I really look forward to reading the latest edition of Flashes & Flames. This is not only to get the latest M&A activity but also to get Colin’s unique insight into what is going on. Much reporting has become bland – but not Flashes & Flames.

Douglas Emslie, CEO, Tarsus Group

Flashes & Flames is a real gem. The strategic insights into the media market and its players are fascinating and mostly spot-on. Required reading!”

Tony Steel, Chairman, Terrapinn Holdings Ltd

“I love getting Colin’s emails and reading the site. I’m a huge fan of his in-depth coverage. I read Flashes & Flames because I love b2b media but there’s very little out there on the industry that’s as interesting and well researched. Plus, he covers things from an entrepreneur’s perspective that I can apply to my business. Really digging it!”

Sam Parr, Founder, The Hustle

Flashes & Flames” is a must-read for every leader in Media & Entertainment. Colin Morrison’s deep analysis and fresh perspectives on everything happening now + next clearly stand out from all other industry coverage.

Christian Baesler, President, Complex Networks

Flashes & Flames is an important resource. Colin Morrison’s insights help us navigate the ever-changing media landscape.”

Julio Bruno, CEO, Time Out Group Plc

Flashes & Flames has become an essential weekly read for anyone in the media and publishing business.”

Albert Read, Managing Director, Condé Nast Publications

Flashes & Flames is without a doubt the best media newsletter I read. It has a combination of great insight and great writing that are unbeatable and could only be accomplished by a former senior media executive and former journalist (all rolled into one Colin Morrison)”

Reed Phillips, Managing Partner, Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips

“Having spent my career in the business media, I had been missing anyone tracking and analyzing the media deals economy. Until Flashes & Flames came along. It has the best analysis, inside info and all the knowledge you could want, especially around the business information sector.”

Rafat Ali, CEO-Founder, Skift Inc

“I always make time to read Flashes & Flames every week because it gives me genuinely new insights into what’s going on in global media. It’s a perfect start to my Friday.”

James Wildman, President, Hearst Magazines Europe
Flashes & Flames is an essential read for any media executive who wants to stay informed of what is really happening in the industry. Colin Morrison’s analysis is spot on.”
John Paton, Chairman, Independent Digital News & Media, and IVA Ventures

Flashes & Flames has quickly become essential reading on all things media. I enjoy the mixture of reporting and opinions. Short, concise and full of information – there isn’t a week that I don’t learn something from reading it. Keep up the great work!”

Mark Shashoua, CEO, Hyve Group Plc

“Flashes & Flames always provides a sharp, insightful take on the latest media market deals and strategies. It’s essential reading for anyone leading a media business – even more so in light of the challenges now being posed for our sector.”

Conor Dignam, CEO, Media Business Insight
Flashes & Flames is essential reading for those of us working and investing at the intersection of trade shows, events and private equity. It is the only regular source of useful and accurate information on those increasingly prominent parts of the media world.”
Philip Soar, Chairman, of: CloserStill Media, Brand Events, and 19 Events

Flashes & Flames is packed with deep analysis and is one of my very few must-reads about our industry.”

Neil Thackray, Co-founder AgriBriefing Ltd

“I read Flashes & Flames every week because it always tells me things I didn’t know and gives me new angles, especially on deals. More than anything else, it’s a must-read because it is well-informed, well-written and a unique source of information right across the world of media.”

Tim Weller, Chairman, Incisive Media, and Trustpilot

“My favorite read of the week is Flashes & Flames. In a journalistic era when most of the ‘trades’ have disappeared, it is well researched, well written and thoughtful in its coverage of the media industry. It is a weekly read that is not to be missed by all industry executives; at a time, when memories are short, Flashes & Flames provides an invaluable perspective.”

Wilma Jordan, Founder & CEO, JEGI CLARITY North America

“Flashes & Flames keeps me up to date with print and digital media trends, especially in Europe, North America and Australia. It is so insightful and readable. Thank you!”

Ashok Advani, Founder and Publisher, Business India Group

“When it comes to an understanding and an analysis of the media, there is simply no one better than Colin Morrison. His knowledge, based on his experience in top jobs with many of the biggest publishing companies, is unsurpassed.  I look forward to Flashes & Flames coming into my inbox each week because I always know I will emerge much better informed and, invariably, wiser about the vital industry in which we work.”

Mark Allen, Chairman, Mark Allen Group

Flashes & Flames is essential weekly reading for anybody in the ever changing world of media”

Lara Boro, CEO, The Economist Group

Flashes & Flames provides an in-depth look at the business of media simply not found anywhere else.  It’s the first thing I read every Friday morning.”

Sean Griffey, CEO-founder, Industry Dive

“Recommended reading for anyone in the media business.”

James Hewes, President, FIPP global media network

“As a relative newcomer to the UK and Irish media scene (through our acquisition of Independent News & Media plc) I find the insights and colour provided week after week by Flashes & Flames are truly invaluable.”

Thomas Leysen, Chairman Mediahuis NV

Flashes & Flames is great and good value for money”


Charles Reed, CEO, William Reed Business Media

“Colin Morrison uses his authoritative and entertaining voice to critique the media industry. He is an insightful and entertaining mind in a wobbly industry, and Flashes & Flames serves as a forceful watchdog.”

Folio magazine

“Flashes & Flames has really made its mark. Colin Morrison combines the experience and instincts of a senior operator, with the analysis of a quality commentator. Given the lack of mainstream journalistic investment in the media sector, he has built a thing of real value to its subscribers. It is surprisingly well researched and always has an interesting take on deals and the media organisations he reports on. He might fly a few kites occasionally, but they often catch the breeze!”

Tom Bureau, Executive Chairman, Immediate Media Ltd

“Flashes & Flames is the most inspiring media newsletter I ever read. It’s a must-read every week”

Arnaud de Puyfontaine, CEO, Vivendi SA

Flashes & Flames is a brilliantly well-informed weekly email with detailed analysis by an expert who really understands the media industry.

Luke Johnson, entrepreneur and former Chair, Channel Four Television

“Thank goodness for Flashes & Flames which has a wealth of detail and anecdote that I just don’t find elsewhere. There are hundreds of newsletters giving opinions about what the media should be doing to survive. Flashes & Flames is one of the rare ones that actually tells you the real story about what the media is doing.”

David Sillito, Media & Arts Correspondent, BBC News

Flashes & Flames provides me with real cut-through, in an increasingly challenging and fragmented media landscape. Colin Morrison’s unique sector insight, coupled with his extensive network of connections, makes the site a compelling read and a must-have subscription.”

James Tye, CEO, Dennis Publishing

” I love Flashes & Flames because it has extraordinary reach and truly gets under the skin of the media industry.”

Charlie Kerr, CEO, Pageant Media

“I always look forward to my Friday dose of Flashes & Flames. Colin’s astute observations, perceptive analysis and deep knowledge of our industry are invaluable and thought provoking every time.”

Amanda Barnes, CEO, Faversham House

“A welcome read in a world all too often awash with snippets and soundbites.”

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director, Exact Editions

“Colin Morrison really knows his way round the media landscape. Both what happened and what might happen. His ideas and insights are fascinating.”

Roger Parry, Chairman, YouGov Plc

“In the fast moving global information services industry, Flashes & Flames is a must-read. It has an extremely valuable perspective which ensures that the newsletter is an essential resource for senior management right across our industry.”

Paul Miller, CEO, Questex LLC