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The Top 20 of 2020

Someone had to win. It was the best year so far for Flashes & Flames. We increased readership by more than 50% (notably in Europe and North America), successfully introduced a subscriptions paywall (thanks), and published a series of stories you read here first, before they were ‘cloned’.

Here are the links to our 20 best-read stories of 2020:

1. Will The Guardian stop printing? Big questions for global news brand

2. What next for Vice? Digital news fight for life

3. How Bauer blew it in Australia How world’s largest mag publisher messed up

4. What can The Economist do? Will it let readers pick n mix?

5. Can Ascential make it? Looking so good until Covid…

6. Reinventing media Home-spun TV channel upstages the big boys

7. Vogue Business: B2C melts into B2B Consumer mag digs deep into B2B

8. How 4 oddball Brits changed magazines and the world And how.

9. What is News Corp up to? Big moves in UK and Australia

10. Why Reed + Informa should merge trade shows After a disastrous year…

11. What’s behind the Future Plc ‘miracle’? How mag publisher became something else

12. How (and why) Hearst does it Oldest media group is the most resilient

13. Mumsnet gets serious at 20 How a legendary UK site is having to get serious

14. What’s next on Penske’s list? A different kind of magazine publisher

15. Can video save newspapers? How online ‘TV’ may be future for news brands

16. Why exhibitions are only part of the answer Covid wake-up call on data

17. What will DMGT do next? UK’s cashed-up Daily Mail group plots future

18. Is this the future of exhibitions? How ‘InfoExpo’ is the opportunity

19. Will podcasts kill print? What audio can do for/to print brands

20. How a radio ship shook up Britain in 1960s Death of a revolutionary